10 Interesting Facts About Wikipedia

Here I’m going to list for you 10 facts that may be interesting, funny and maybe, to you, unknown, all about Wikipedia!

Hopefully you’ll find something that you didn’t know here. Enjoy!

1. Top 5 languages on Wikipedia

There’s currently 285 languages registered on Wikipedia, here’s a list of the top 5 languages, looking at the number of posts.

  1. English with 3,924,043 articles
  2. German with 1.394.015 articles
  3. French with 1.238.363 articles
  4. Dutch with 1.038.017
  5. Italian with 910.922 articles

2. Founded in 2001

Wikipedia was launched on 15 January 2001 by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger. With more then 21 million articles that’s close to 2 million new articles every year!

3. The name

Wikipedia is a combination of the words Wiki which mean: “A shared website”. And pedia, which is a shortened form of encyclopedia.

4. The 6th most popular website in the world

According to Alexa.com, Wikipedia is the 6th most popular website in the world!

5. Google helps

A lot of us go straight to wikipedia.org, but close to 50% of their visitors comes from google’s search engine!

6. Open Source

Wikipedia is an open source website. Meaning that everyone can basically jump right in and start editing articles as they see fit. There’s no ranking system that tells you which kind of articles you can edit or anything like that.

7. Edits

There have currently been made more than 1.3 billion edits to articles on Wikipedia! In average (with 21 million articles) that’s an average of roughly 62 edits per article!

8. Active editor

One of the most active editors of Wikipedia is Richard Farmbrough that has edited more then 750.000 articles on Wikipedia!

9. Wikipedians

The members of the Wikipedia community is named Wikipedians.

10. Demographics

This self-reported study of 2009 showed that more then 80% are male and less then 20% are female.

See it right here

Another study made by Hitwise.com back in 2007 showed that the distribution of male/female was more like 50/50 but that most edits on Wikipedia is made by male editors.