100 Floors – Christmas Season Tower – Solution and Guide

Welcome to our 100 Floors Christmas walkthrough and guide for iPad, iPhone and Android devices
The 100 Floors Christmas app is created by Tobi Apps Limited, and contains, so far,  15 new great levels to celebrate christmas is near.
This walkthrough for this game contains help, hints and tips for completing the 100 Floors Christmas levels.

This is containing a written version of all of these levels.
If you’d rather watch it in video, check out this page:

Video Guide to all 100 Floors Christmas Levels

All of the below steps have been tested on an iPhone and are working.

100 Floors Christmas Level 1 solution and guide
1) Tap the top second button once.
2) Third button on the top once
3) Fourth button on the top 4 times.
4) Then tap the first button on the last row 6 times
5) Tap the second button on the bottom row 4 times.
Now it will say 1225 – which is the 25th of December (Christmas day), and the door will open.

100 Floors Christmas Level 2 solution and guide
In this level we will need to arrange the stars in a pyramid pattern.
1) Move the middle star down and to the right
2) Top-right star to bottom-middle
3) Top-left star down and to the left
Should look like the below image now.
Press the button on the right to open the door.

Hint: If the door wont open try and rearrange them to look something like on the above picture.

100 Floors Christmas Level 3 solution and guide
1) Tap the lightswitch on the left to turn off the light.
2) Drag and move the present that falls out of the chimney to either left or right.
3) Pick up the two items revealed underneath the present.
4 Tap the key and press on the door (inside the chimney) to open and complete the 3rd Floor.

100 Floors Christmas Level 4 solution and guide
You can drag and move around the pieces.
1) Left side up two squares.
2) Middle column down 1.
3) Middle row left 1.
4) Middle column up 2.
5) Bottom row left 2.
6) Middle column down 1.
7) Bottom row right 1.
8) Top row right 1 and right column up 1.
When you’re here it should look like the below image, if not you might have missed one and need to retry.

9) Finally drag the top row left 1 to reveal the door and complete the floor.

100 Floors Christmas Level 5 solution and guide
1) Pick up the axe/hammer on the right of the screen.
2) Use the hammer to smash the glass lift button holder.
3) The snowflakes on the door are part of the puzzle.
4) Press all 4 corner snowflakes and the middle snowflake.
When your pressing them they change appearance of the one clicked and the ones next to, below or above it self. Therefore this order
When the above is done it should look like the below image.

5) Now press the button to open the door and exit the floor.

100 Floors Christmas Level 6 solution and guide
This is probably the hardest level of this game, so you will need to read this guide carefully step by step in order to complete it.
In this puzzle you will need to make the blue and reds change sides. It’s a long and hard one as I wrote above, but I’ve tried and put it in steps, so just try and follow them.

1) Move the blue square to the hole.
2) Then move a red all the way left to where the blue came from.
3) Then move the lower red up and left near the other red square.
4) Now move the blue square in the middle to the right red column bottom.
5) Move the second red on the left to the middle hole.
6) Move the other red on the left back to the red column.
7) Move the bottom left blue to the right side.
8) Move the red from the hole to the bottom of the left blue column.
9) Move the second blue on the left column to the hole.
10) Move the red square in the blue row up to second position on the left column.
11) Move the blue square on the right to the bottom of the left column.
12) Move a red from the right to the left.
13) You should now have 1 blue in the middle, BRRB on left and RREB on right.
B=Blue, R=Red, E=Empty. If this is not the case, retry and go back to 1).
14) Move red in position 2 from the right to the left.
15) Move the blue from the hole to the right under the red.
16) Put the red in the middle into the hole.
17) Move both blues from right to the middle part
18) Move the right red all the way down.
19) Move the blues back to the right and take the top 2 right positions with blue.
20) Move the left red all the way right.
21) Move the bottom blue from left to a waiting position.
22) Move the red in the hole in the middle to the bottom left row.
23) Move the blue to the hole.
24) Take the red from the right to the left column.
You should at this point have: BRRR, B, BBER.
25) Move the bottom red on the right to the left waiting position
26) The blue from the hole to the bottom right.
27) Move the red in the middle to the hole.
28) Move all reds from the left column to the waiting area.
Now you should have: BEEE, RRRR, BBEB
29) Move the left blue down to bottom left position.
30) Move two reds back to the top of the left row.
31) The red in the middle to the right row.
32) Then the bottom left blue into the waiting area (all the way to the right)
33) Move the red from the hole to the bottom left.
34) Blue to the center hole.
35) Right red to left column.
36) Finish by moving blue from hole to right column.
This have been tested by two people after being written, and is working.

100 Floors Christmas Level 7 solution and guide
1) Start clicking the L in the second column and third row. (The white one in the below picture)

2) Then click the D (down), then the R below the D, and so on.
L=Left, R=Right, D=Down, U=Up.
If followed properly it should look as the below picture just before you click the last tile.

Floor 8-15 solution