100 Floors – Christmas Season Tower – Solution and Guide

100 Floors Christmas Level 8 solution and guide
Here we will need to rearrange the tiles so it will look like the mirrorimage of the original triangle and do this in 6 moves. In the middle of the door there’s 4 round buttons placed in a square, these are the once you’ll need to click in the below order.
1) Top left twice,
2) Top right twice
3) Lastly top left twice again.

100 Floors Christmas Level 9 solution and guide
1) Press the door lift button on the right.
2) Next press the red door parts in the following order:
Bottom left, top right, bottom right, top left.
3) Lastly, press the middle red square.

100 Floors Christmas Level 10 solution and guide
The objective here is to make all the squares on the door black, meaning you’ll have to hit it with the chess piece once or twice to make it black.
1) Select the chess piece from your inventory and click the door.
I will guide you like this: Row first, then column. So 32 will be third row and second column.
2) Move the chess piece like this:

100 Floors Christmas Level 11 solution and guide
Here you’ll need to make the number switch places so that it will be:
Red 1 and orange 2 on the top.
Green 2 and pink 5 in the bottom.
Well, enjoy, it’s a long one! 🙂

1) Use the hammer from your inventory to smash the bottom of number 1.
2) Move the red piece down.
3) Bottom pink down
4) Bottom green left.
5) Top orange up.
6) Bottom orange up.
7) Red right
8) Bottom pink down.
9) Bottom green down.
10) Top orange left.
11) Bottom orange up.
12) Red up.
13) Bottom pink right.
14) Bottom green down.
15) Red left.
16) Right orange down.
17) Top orange right.
18) Top pink down.
19) Top green left.
20) Top orange up.
21) Bottom orange up.
22) Red right.
23) Top pink down.
24) Top green down.
25) Top orange left.
26) Bottom orange up.
27) Red up
28) Top pink right.
29) Top green down.
30) Red left.
31) Right orange down.
32) Top orange right.
33) Red up.

If you have been able to follow and stick around until this, great job! You’ve now completed this level 🙂
Have been tested and is working.

100 Floors Christmas Level 12 solution and guide
Here you will have to solve the equations both in the top and bottom using only the 4 available numbers in the middle. Do it like this.
1) 1st one = 3
2) 2nd one = 2
3) 3rd one = 1
4) 4th one = 5

Here’s the explanation to this solution:

Then the equation at the top goes: 3*2 = 1+5 6 = 6
That’s correct.


The equation in the bottom goes: 3+2 = 1*4 5 = 5
Which is also correct.

100 Floors Christmas Level 13 solution and guide
This one is pretty much the same as the 11th Floor, so instead of you having to have to go through that again, here’s a video of how this is done:

Thanks to TheAppInsider for the video.

100 Floors Christmas Level 14 solution and guide
Here you’ll need to connect all the dots on the door without them crossing. I’m gonna try something new and show all of these in images:










Click the last dot at the top right corner of the door to complete this level.

100 Floors Christmas Level 14 solution and guide
The objective here, is to get the blue bar to the black area in the top left corner.

1) Move the top left orange bar left and then down.
2) Move the orange bar that’s now in the top all the way left.
3) Move the blue bar up to the top.
4) Move the upwards orange bar to the top.
5) Move the blue bar one step left.
6) Move the bottom small orange square one spot up.
7) Move the bottom orange bar one spot right.
8) Move the orange bar next to the blue one down.
9) Move the blue bar one spot left.
10) Move both of the small squares to the top.
11) Move the bottom orange bar (horizontal one) up below the squares.
12) Take the orange bar below the blue one and move it to the right corner.
13) Move the large square next to that one.
14) Move both the horizontal bars next to the blue one down to the bottom.
15) Move the blue bar to the dark area.
16) As of right now there’s no more levels in this pack, but as soon as a new update arrives make sure to tune in.