5 tips to make life easier with your iPhone and iPad

There’s alot of tips and tricks you can use, which makes it so much easier, faster and more fun to use your iPhone. I will now try to cover at least some of the ones I find usefull. Be aware that most of these tips also works on the iPad.

1. Camera mode from the lock screen.

Introduced in iOS 5 was the option to enter you camera quickly, without having to leave the lock screen! This is a really cool option, as you wont have to enter the code for you iPhone (if you use one)! You can see the camera-symbol in the right lower corner of the screen, next to the “Slide to unlock”. Basically, what you’ll do is put your finger on the symbol, and slide it up. And the next thing you know, you’re taking pictures!


2. Customize your iPhone’s home screen

Another really cool thing that you can do, to customize your iPhone, is to move the apps around. I for one like to have my games in one screen, and my work-apps in another screen – maybe that’s just me, but I find it helpful to have it categorized like that.

To do this, what you’ll want to do is, to pick the app of your choice and hold your finger on it. When you do that for a few seconds it will start “shaking” and an “x” will also appear in the top left corner of the app (click that, and you’ll delete the app).

Now, you can move your app around. You can move it into a seperate “screen” by dragging it to the right side of the screen. When held there for a few seconds you will create a new screen. When you’ve found the right place for the iPhone app of your choice, simply release the finger and click the “home” button (the button in the bottom of your iPhone).

Now that you’ve found out how to move your apps around, you should also know that you can make folders with different apps in them. As stated I like to keep my games together and my work-apps together, so what I usually do is move all my game-apps into folders. When you do this, you wont have to have your apps spread all over the place, but instead you can keep them in order! This is simply done by holding your finger over the app, as when you wanted to move it, and dragging it onto another app. (See the picture), when you’ve done that, release your finger and you can see that you’ve made a folder! This folder can contain up to 12 apps, and you can name it anything you like, to make it easier to find just that one app that you’re looking for.


3. Add website links to your home screen

One thing that I found useful, is the option to save links to websites to your home screen. Now you might be thinking, why would I wanna do that, the simple answer to that question is of course, because you can. And because it will save you time. This is really smart, if you have a some certain webpages that you check daily, and you are tired of typing the website address every time.

What you’ll do is: Open Safari. Go to the website of your choice. Click the symbol in the bottom of the screen that looks like an arrow and a box (see picture below). Click “Add to Home Screen”. Now you’ll be asked to write a word/name for this, this is just to give the icon on your phone a “name”. Next you’ll get an app-looking icon on your phone, which serves as a shortcut to that website you have chosen! Brilliant!

4. Be online everywhere, with Personal Hotspot

One of the things that I, personally, use the most is the Personal Hotspot function! It’s great. You know that feeling when your sitting somewhere with your PC, Mac or iPad or any device like that, and you really want to get online, but there’s no Wi-Fi around? Well, with your iPhone that problem is as good as solved! As long as you have internet on your iPhone you can share this with up to 5 other units. These can be connected to your iPhone with either BlueTooth, WiFi or with a USB-cabel.
What you’ll want to do it enter “Settings” from your Home Screen. Next you’ll click the button called “Personal Hotspot”. Now turn it “On”. When turning it on, you will be asked if you want to enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth or if you want it “USB only”. If you have your USB with you, I would choose that, as it gives the most stable connection, but if not available, either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi works just fine as well.
Now, if you never did this before, and you chose Wi-Fi and Bluetooth you will need to search for the iPhone’s connection. This can be done just like searching for any other Wi-Fi connection. The name of the connection is the name of your iPhone.
If you don’t know what the name of your iPhone is, go back to “Settings”, then pick “General” and “About”. There in the top it should say “Name”.
When you’ve find that name, and clicked “Connect” you’ll be asked a password to use the connection. This can be found under “Personal Hotspot” in settings. This is great, as you’ll now know that only you can enter that connection.
Voila, you’re now online with your iPhone, everywhere!

5. Save money on apps

Now, we all want to save money. I found this great app, that can help you do this. It’s called “AppShopper” and it’s free from the app-store. This app is great, as it keeps track of app-sales and top free apps. What this means is that it will keep track of for example apps that used to cost money, but is now free! Great!
Also, you should know that this app works for both your iPhone and your iPad!
If you didn’t know, you’ll be able to see that it’s compatible with both devices because it has that tiny “+” sign next to the “price”, which of course for this app, is “Free”!

I hope you enjoyed reading this, and that you, hopefully, learned something new!