Bible Quiz Game – Answers and Cheats

Walkthrough and answers for Bible Quiz Game by Webelinx is a trivia game that will test your knowledge of the people of the old and new testaments.

1. Leviticus 11:7 – Which Animal is Unclean to Men?
a) Fishes
b) Lambs
c) Swines
d) Cows
Correct answer: c.) Swines

2. Numbers 10:13 – The Children of Isreal Took Their Journey Out of the Sinai by the Hand of _______:
a) Nathanael
b) Jacob
c) David
d) Moses
Correct answer: d.) Moses

3) Exodus 2:5 – Who Found the Baby Moses Along the Banks of the River?
a) Pharaoh’s Daughter
b) A slave girl
c) A midwife
d) Pharaoh
Correct answer: a.) Pharaoh’s Daughter

4) Genesis 2:18 – The Lord Said: Man Should Not Stay _______:
a) Alone
b) Hungry
c) Happy
d) Nervous
Correct answer: a) Alone

5) Leviticus 23:3 – The Seventh Day Was Set Aside for What Purpose?
a) Fights
b) Rest
c) War
d) Parties
Correct answer: b) Rest

6) Genesis 1:11 – What Did the Lord Create in the Third Day?
a) Herbs & Mammals
b) Light & Fire
c) Grass & Fruits
d) Dry Land & Reptiles
Correct answer: d) Dry Land & Reptiles