Can I Use The Apple Wireless Keyboard With Windows 8?

The pairing set-up is very easy and painless.  just make sure that you have the latest Windows updates.

NOTICE! There are  two problems you will stumple upon when pairing Windows and Apple keyboard. Hopefully knowing this will save you time.

First: The wireless keyboard will go to sleep very often and very quickly and  keystrokes will not wake it up. So the solution is to turn off “Let computer put keyboard to sleep” under Power Management ->Device Manager -> This will fix the problem.

Second: Several Apple keys don’t exist / match Windows, one of them is “Delete”. This can be a problem if you press ‘Alt-Ctrl-Del’ to log on! Instead of downloading scripts or apps and re-mapping keys, just simply use the On-screen Keyboard to log on. To activate it -> Click the small dial on the bottom left side on the Windows log on page.