Flow Game Walkthrough Level 1-30 – Board Size 14×14 Solutions

Game Guide: If you are stock on some of the levels in the popular game Flow Free, you can find solutions/walkthroughs for all levels of the Flows: 14×14 matrix on this page. The game for Windows Phone, Windows 8 iPad and An Android/Kindle version of Flow is currently in planning. The Game is about connecting the matching colors with a pipe to create a flow. Just pair all colors, and cover the entire board to solve each puzzle.
The game is made by Big Duck Games LLC and is currently #1 on iPad and iPhone!

Flow free features 10 different board sizes with each having 30 free levels. So stay search our site for other board sizesor use the link below!

Solution for board size 14×14:

Flow Free 14×14 Level 1-5
Flow Free 14×14 Level 6-10
Flow Free 14×14 Level 11-15
Flow Free 14×14 Level 16-20
Flow Free 14×14 Level 21-25
Flow Free 14×14 Level 26-30

Solutions for other board sizes can be found here:
Flow Free board size overview