Get Emoji Icons For Free On Your iPhone And iPad

I have noticed that these “Emoji-free”, “SMS-smileys”-like apps for iPhone and iPad are getting downloaded in huge numbers.

Even the apps where you actually pay like 0,99$ for it. But why would you do that, if you can get them for free, and even legal using apples OWN emoji-icons? You are getting exactly the same icons that some people are actually paying money for, AND it’s directly integrated in your “Messages” app from Apple!

I should note, that I’m currently running iOS version 5.1.

Here is a few steps for you to get that!

1. Enter Settings

2. Enter General

3. Enter International

4. Enter Keyboards

This menu will probably look something like this.

5. Press “Add New Keyboard”

6. Find “Emoji” and tap it.

You now have Emoji-icons integrated in your “Messages” app, for free!

In your Messages it will look something like this when you enter it.

What you want to do now is click the globe (2. button from left in the bottom) and you’ll get this Emoji keyboard: