Here’s Why Google Chrome Is Better Then Any Other Browser

Google’s browser is becoming more and more popular. But what is it that makes it so super popular?

First of all, if you don’t have Google Chrome yet, go get it! You can download it right here: Google Chrome Download

I’m going to try and link some of the things that I think makes it superior to other internet-browsers.

Search directly into the address bar:

First of all, you can use the address bar in Chrome both to enter the web address you’re looking for

(e.g. or you can use the address bar to search for certain term, just like you do on!

For example you can type in: “History of Google” and press Enter, and you will see the results from your default search engine!

It is also possible to select text on the page and either right click or drag it into omnibox to search for it.

Use the address bar as a calculator:

Most people might not know that you’re actually able to use the address bar as a calculator! I know, it’s not that big a deal, but I think it’s a fun feature! Just type in for example 1+1 in the address bar and Chrome does the math for you! Now you don’t even need to open/find your calculator if you need to quickly calculate something. Try it!

Tabs and stability:

Multiple pages can be open in the same browser window divided into tabs. To ensure stability of the tabs built up with individual sandboxing, so it does not affect the other tabs, if one tab freezes or crashes. And the tabs can be arranged according to their own preferences, to do this just left-click on one tab and drag it either right or left.

Translate page:

Google Chrome’s built-in translation bar open throughout the network by translating the website into English, regardless of what language the website is written. Translation bar can be found at the top of the browser image if the visited website has not been set as one of the preferred language in your browser settings. The bar uses Google Translate, which operates over 52 languages ​​and translate a page in less than a second.


In incognito mode, you can surf the web without having to register your whereabouts in the browser or search history, and without leaving cookies on your computer after the window is closed.

Build in web-apps:

Also, you’re able to download apps for your Chrome-browser, such as games, social-network widgets for Twitter etc.

Every time you open a new tab in your Chrome Browser you can see the web-apps that you’ve downloaded for Google Chrome.

To get these apps go to the Google Chrome Web Store and get started right away!