How do I open tile in IE browser, instead of Desktop browser version?

When you select the tile for Internet Explorer, ypu get the Desktop browser version (that looks like Internet Explorer 9). So how do you get the tile to open the new immersive browser?

If you have a browser other than Internet Explorer set as the default, Internet Explorer will open in the Desktop mode, which looks similar to Internet Explorer 9. Additionally, your Internet Explorer tile will have a smaller “e” and the words “Internet Explorer” will appear over it.

If Internet Explorer is set as the default browser, it will open in the new immersive browser, and the tile will have a larger “e” and the words “Internet Explorer” will be under it.

To set Internet Explorer as the default browser:

1. From the Start screen, type Default Programs, and select the Apps filter.
2. Tap or click Default Programs in the search results.
3. Tap or click Set your Default Programs.
4. Choose Internet Explorer from the list.
5. Select Set this program as default, and then tap or click OK.
6. Close Set Default Programs.

Hope this helped you soæve the problem