How To Avoid In-App Purchases On iPhone and iPad

We’ve probably all heard of stories of parents that gave their iPhone or iPad to their kids, because they “just wanted to play a game” and the next thing they knew, their bank-account was a few thousands down!

I’m going to show you, how you can avoid that on your iPhone and/or iPad.

1. Go to Settings

2. Go to General

3. Go to Restrictions

4. Enable Restrictions

5. Type in a pass-word that you shouldn’t give to anyone

6. Scroll down to the menu called “Allowed Content”

7. Turn off “In-app Purchases”

8. Once all the things you want turned off/on is done, simply click the “General” icon in the top left corner to save the settings.

Now to enter the menu “Restrictions”, and undo the changes, you’ll need to type in the password that you wrote in step 5, so remember the password!

In this menu, as you can see, you’re also able to choose which functions of your  iPhone/iPad should be available, for example you can turn off the ability to even install apps and so on!