How to Childproff Your iPad and Keep Your Credit Card Safe

Now that Apple has sent a third generation of iPad’s to the streets, children often get older the iPad’s. If a younger child get hands on the iPad, it is important for a parent to know how secure and configure the device, so that your child only has access to content that’s appropriate for the age.

Here you can read how you setup your old iPad and make it child friendly. Start by setting your old iPad back to default settings. You do this by connecting it to your Mac or PC -> Start iTunes and click the “Restore” button. Once the restoration is complete, you can choose to set up the iPad’a as a new device, instead of restoring it from backups. In this way you ensure that your iPad has been reset and empty of content and just like new.

Now the important part. There are a lot of things you can do with the Restrictions options, you can disable downloading content from the iTunes App Store, or disable Safari or YouTube.

1. Go to Settings -> General -> Restrictions

2. Tap the Enable Restrictions

3. Enter your 4-digit passcode and confirm it.

4. Set the desired restrictions that you want by tapping the controls to on or off position.

Hope this guides made your iPad a little bit more safe 🙂