MacBook Pro 2012 Specification Predictions And Wishlist

So everyone is very excited about the next generation of MacBook Pros and so am I! Every single day feels like a year or so, but I feel it’s worth it. Many people speculate on how the specs will presumable look like and that’s why I have made my wish list of hardware I would expect.

I’ll have a go at the base 13″, which I will be buying for sure:

– 1680×1050 Standard / 1920×1200 HiRes Display Antiglare Option
– Ivy Bridge i5 or i3
– 4GB Ram
– 128GB SSD / 256GB SSD Option / 500GB SSD Option
– HD 4000 Onboard graphics
– No Internal drive
– 3x USB3 (2 on left one where the ODD was), 1x Thunderbolt, 1x Firewire 800 (no Ethernet will supply USB3 connector)
– 10 Hour battery, BT 4.0, Wifi 802.11 AC

Price will be the same, maybe a bit cheaper since they are dropping the Superdrive (hopefully).

I’m not sure about how they could redesign it, looks stunning as it is, properly slightly thinner.

I’ve been fairly realistic, retina is 50/50 but a higher res all round is extremely likely. I think they won’t offer a normal HDD option and will expect people to either pay Apple for upgrade or DIY.

The Macbook Air “feels” faster than a top end MacBook Pro just because of the standard SSD vs. HDD. So I think just for wow factor they will stick to ssd. Of course in reality the MBP is faster when you throw something demanding at it but the average customer comparing application load times and responsiveness in an Apple shop is going to be more impressed with the Air.