PSY – Gangnam Style Beats Multiple YouTube Records

Most people have by now heard of Psy and his smash hit Gangnam style, which has now led to Psy has beaten Justin Bieber – Baby of the stick on YouTube as the most viewed YouTube video ever.
Not only are the Gangnam style video the new number one on YouTube, it also happened with record speed. Justin Bieber spent over 3 years to reach 805 million views (former #1), where Psy only spent 4 months.
That’s 201.250.000 views per month and like 6.5 million views per day in average!
In November, the video was viewed about 4.000 times per minute.
The video also holds the record for number of likes, at the time of writing stands at 5.5 million likes. With the very stable number of views the video has, it is expected that it will round one billion views in mid-December.

You can watch the video below.


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