Solution: Prevent your Mac from automatically going to sleep

Have you ever been annoyed that your Mac goes to sleep, dims the screen or starting the screen savers?
This program is here to help you prevent that!

Caffeine is the name, and it can be downloaded (for free) in AppStore or here:
Download Caffeine (External Link)

It does exactly what it promises, and it’s really easy to enable/disable.
Once opened the screen will look like this:

Caffeine “lives” in the Menu Bar, so you can feel free to move it away from the dock if you don’t want it there.

It looks like this when it’s inactive:

And active:

If you want you can change the duration for it to be active. You can choose from 5 minutes to indefinitely.

I’ve been using the program for more then 1 year now, and I haven’t had any problems with it till now, so go get it!