Bag It! Got Split – 3 Stars Game Walkthrough to All Levels

This walkthrough will show you 3 Stars solutions for the game Bag It! Got Split – Level 1-16. You can see the picture on how to place the stuff in the bag. The game is available for most smartphones and tablets, like Iphone, Android, Kindle and Nook etc. The game is bit like Tetris, but … Read more

Complete Walkthrough – Atlantida Levels – Demolition Master

Welcome to this walkthrough for the 15 Atlantida levels of the game Demolition Master! This is the final levels of the Earth-levels in this game! Below is pictures of all the levels, which shows how I did it. Keep in mind, that most of these levels can probably be done in other ways, but this … Read more

Complete Walkthrough – Australia Levels – Demolition Master

Welcome to our guide for the Australia levels of Demolition Master for iPhone. Here I will take you through levels 1-15 and show you, in pictures, how I completed the levels! Keep in mind, that you sometimes might need to blow up the dynamites a few times to get the levels right. Level 1 Level … Read more