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Solution: Get iTunes 11 back to normal

So you’ve just downloaded iTunes 11, and are thinking, what is this? I don’t get it, where do I find stuff? This is the post just for you. Do this: Click view > show sidebar Or click cmd+alt(option)+s on your mac or ctrl+alt+s on your windows PC. Now you’ll have the old sidebar back:

iOS 6.0.1 Is Now Available

Apple’s OS for iPhones, iPads etc. is now available in version 6.0.1. This version is mostly containing bug fixes for the 5th generation iPhones (iPhone 5) and iPods. But still, I’d recommend you update your iOS product, as it may increase the overall safety on these, plus performance in certain programmes. These are the update …

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Solutions: 100 Lights Levels 1-30 Walkthrough

Here you will find game solutions for 100 Lights from iTunes. This will help you come up with the right solutions. What’s 100 Lights? Explore a house filled with challenging rooms and see if you can turn on all of the lights in this tricky, hidden object puzzle game. 100 Lights Levels 1-10 100 Lights …

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