Nokia Lumia 920 – Windows Phone 8 Notification symbols and icons

Indicator icons or Status symbols. The bar at the top of the screen tells you the current time, battery and signal strength, and much more. The following screenshot shows the icons for Nokia Lumia 920: The type of mobile network you’re currently connected to may be shown with a single letter, a combination of letters, or … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S3 Android Notification Bar Icon Guide

Indicator icons or Status symbols- Use the notifications panel to open the notifications panel, tap the indicator icons area and drag it downwards. To hide the panel, drag the bottom of the panel upwards. From the notifications panel, you can view your device’s current status and see the following symbols:

Status Icons and Notification Symbols – iPhone 5

Did you ever see an icon on your iPhone 5, or device with iOS 6 installed, that you didn’t understand? We solved that problem for you. Below you’ll see an overview of the status icons and notification symbols that you’ll find on your iPhone 5 or your device with iOS 6.