iPad’s Share of Tablet Shipments Falls to 50% in 3Q 2012

Research firm IDC today released its preliminary estimates of worldwide tablet shipments for the third quarter of 2012, finding that several Android tablet manufacturers saw very strong growth as Apple stagnated during the lead-up to the iPad mini launch. As a result, Apple’s share of the market fell to 50.4% from 59.7% in the year-ago … Read more

Copy and Paste the Approximately Symbols from here

You can just copy and paste the different approximately symbols below. I have gathered different symbols you cn copy and use. Method 1 Unicode value: 8776 Method 2 If you’re using HTML, you can just type in (≈) and it will display the character. If you’re posting in a forum, it will depend if it’s … Read more

How to download Buffalo TFTP Boot image Recovery software

I have a Buffalo Nas server that stopped working for some reason and I had the “red light blinking error” (Firmware broken). I searched the Buffalo Tech forum for help and found all the information I needed to start recover my Nas server. The only thing I needed was the software to be able to start, but the download link for the Buffalo TFTP Boot Recovery software was broke. I searched arround on google for the software without any luck. I tried to look into the download link provided by Buffalo and found out is was wrong, so here are the correct download links for the software to Recover your Nas:

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Apple Releases Safari 6.0.2 for Mac [Mac Blog]

Apple also released a new version of Safari for Mac, bringing the browser up to version 6.0.2. The update is available through the Mac App Store or Software Update. However, full update notes are not yet available. Safari 6.0.2 Safari 6.0.2 is recommended for all users running OS X Mountain Lion v10.8.2 and includes security … Read more

iPad Mini Display Judged ‘Very Capable’, But Falls Short of iPad and Android Competitors

Much of the discussion about the iPad mini has centered around the device’s display, which reportedly represents 43% of the overall cost of manufacturing. While the display is said to take advantage of new “GF2” technology to allow for a thinner, high-quality display, it does not carry the Retina-level resolution users have become accustomed to … Read more