Test The Speed of Your Internet

You might sometimes be wondering if you are actually getting the speed promised by your internet-provider.

I can only talk for myself right now, but I can say, that I’m sometimes getting 1-2 Mbps (mega-bit-per-second) less speed then what they have promised me.
Some of the reason that the speed can vary is if there’s a lot of pressure on the cables, which can happen during peak hours.
Maybe you live a little to long away from their central?

There’s alot of services out there, that provides you with the opportunity to test your internet speed.

Here you can see if you get the promised download/upload speed.

One, that I found to be pretty good is:

https://www.speedtest.net/ (external link)

Test it for yourself, and see, if you’re getting what you’re being promised!

As you can see in the link above they’re actually pretty popular (if those numbers are true!) more than 3 billion tests to date!