The MacBook Pro You Have Been Dreaming About

Apple’s Macbook Pro line, previously known under the name Powerbook; – have for many years been the preferred choice in the creative industry. But if you are faced with having to replace your old Macbook Pro, it can be a good idea to wait.

There has been additional fuel to the rumours, that have long flourished, that there is a new Macbook Pro coming.

The Apple site 9to5Mac learns through sources in Apple’s supplier chain, that Apple is currently working on a test-production of the new Macbook Pro. According to the rumours the new MacBook Pro will feature a brand new high-resolution retina-screen similar to that found in the new iPad and iPhonen.

The screen is allegedly 15 inches, and will have a resolution of 2800×1800, and if the rumours are true, there will for no doubt be goodness for everyone who uses their Mac for graphic work.

According to 9to5Mac’s sources, the new screen is the most important innovation, the Mac computers have seen for years, and sources are describing the screen as being so stunning, that you will not believe your eyes.

The Apple site’s sources also indicates that the new Macbook Pro will be significantly thinner than the current Macbook Pro, but it will still be slightly thicker than a Macbook air. Like the Macbook air and the many new ultrabooks it will not include a CD/DVD drive, and it will not have a Ethernet connection. On the other hand, it will feature a thunderbolt-port and the new super fast USB 3.0 port.

The Release date is still not official, but it will for sure be this year, and probably during the summer.