Whack Your Boss Walkthrough Complete List of 20 Ways

If you can’t find all the 20 ways to whack your boss, this walkthrough guide will show you a complete list of tools and ways to whack your boss.

Here are the 20 ways:

1. Use his own pencil to stab him in the back of the neck
2. Slam the file cabinet drawer shut on his head
3. Punch him in the face with your bare hands using the pace and power of Mike Tyson!
4. Tie him up to a chair and cart him out of the office via the rooftop
5. Use your coffee mug
6. Slice his throat with the pair of scissors with the precision of a heart surgeon
7. The computer monitor doesn’t belong on the desk; its rightful home is your boss’s head!
8. Smash your boss’s head into the cabinet above your computer
9. Use your keyboard to beat your boss around the head
10. Stab him in the heart with an umbrella
11. Beat your boss on the side of his head with the trash can
12. Whack your boss by hitting him with the stapler and then stapling his head
13. Whack your boss with a cool throw of the ruler to the forehead like a ninja
14. Whack him in the head with a briefcase
15. Randomly use objects to kill your boss after you knock him behind a wall
16. Beat your boss 20 ways by drowning him with the water cooler
17. Slam him into the coat peg
18. Wrap the golf club around your boss’s face
19. Use the wall clock to kill your boss
20. Slice his stomach open with the letter opener