Windows 8 Update – Setup Hangs or Stops Responding at 13%

Setup may hang or stop responding if a currently installed driver is outdated or not fully compatible. To troubleshoot driver issues follow the steps in the methods below:

Method 1: Update Antivirus Programs

Some antivirus programs may interfere with the installation of KB2756872. Updating your antivirus program may help resolve the issue.

Visit the antivirus manufacturer’s website and look for updates for programs. Install the updates and then attempt to install KB2756872 again.

For information on how to find software vendors visit the Hardware and software vendor contact information website.

Method 2: Uninstall and Reinstall Audio and Video Drivers

Some audio or video drivers may take a long time to update files and registry settings during the installation, updating audio and video drivers may help resolve the issue.

Uninstall your sound card driver and imediatly install KB2756872. Once KB2756872 has been installed, allow WIndows to search for a driver for your sound card. If Windows is unable to find a driver, here are three ways to find and install a driver:

Use Windows Update. Windows Update can automatically download and install recommended updates. Installing any important, recommended, and optional updates can update system features and other software that might help fix your sound problems.

Install software from the device manufacturer. If your device came with a disc, that disc might contain software that installs a driver for the device.

Download and install the driver yourself. You can search for a driver on the manufacturer’s website. Try this if Windows Update can’t find a driver for your device and the device didn’t come with software that installs a driver.Next, uninstall your video card driver and allow Windows to search for and reinstall the driver. You can use the 3 suggestions above to find your video card drivers.

Note: If uninstalling your Sound card driver does not resolve the issue, it may be necessary follow the steps above and uninstall your video card driver.