Worlds Most Popular Internet Browser And A Few Tricks

Today Google’s Chrome is the most used internet browser according to

Chrome have taken the #1 place from IE in this week. Chrome now holds 32.9% of the market share. The 2nd most used browser is Internet Explorer which now, according to have a market share of 32.29%.

And because of that, here’s a few tips and trick that might make your surfing with Google Chrome easier and more fun.

1. Pin tab

Your browsers tabs can easily become difficult to navigate through. In Chrome there’s a great feature where you can pin your tabs.
To do this you’ll just need to right-click the tab you want to pin and click “Pin tab”. As you can see the tab is now alot smaller, and it will even stay there if you close your windows and open them again!
To undo it, simply right click the pinned tab again and click unpin.
This feature is great, if you have some pages that you check a lot of times each day, like Facebook, Twitter etc.

2. Open pages in a new tab

Instead of opening a link in the same window as you’re in right now you can open them in a new tab instead. To do this you just need to hold the ctrl-button (cmd on mac) and then click the link!

Try it by clicking here!

3. Open a new blank tab

To open a new blank tab simply click ctrl (cmd on mac) + t.

4. Close one tab

If you ever want to close just one of those many tabs you find your self having open, you can use a keyboard shortcut, instead of using your mouse.
Simply click ctrl (cmd on mac) + w.

5. Shuffle between your open tabs

If you, like me, find yourself having alot of tabs open and sometimes just want a quick keyboard shortcut to switch through them you got it right here.
Click ctrl + tab.

6. Incognito mode

If you didn’t know this feature you might not have needed it earlier on – but now you may start using it.
Incognito mode is a mode you can put Chrome in, so that it doesn’t save any history of you visiting websites. This can be handy if you want to hide websites from a friend/girlfriend or who ever you would want to hide your search history from.

To enter incognito mode click ctrl (cmd on mac) + shit + n. This will open a new “Incognito window”.

7. Quickly Search with Chrome

If you find a word or a sentence that you would like to search for you can quickly do that in Chrome. Simply mark the text you want to search for, and right-click and choose: “Search Google for “insert marked text here”.


If you don’t already have Google Chrome and would like to get it to be able to use some of these great features, it can be downloaded here. Download Chrome.