WOW Mist of Pandaria: Best Battle Pet to Level up

Training your pets is important if you want them to succeed. You can seek out pet trainer NPCs who will offer experience and achievements for your pets if you can defeat them in battle.

Mr. Grubbs is probably one of the best pets out there in my opinion.

Your pets can learn new abilities when they hit specific levels. You will be able to choose between several different active abilities for each pet.

Once you get to level 10 Grubbs has a self healing “life drain” ability, which is VERY nice for leveling. Combined with his second ability which increases damage on a target by 25% and his “beast” bonus where he does more damage when he is low on health, he can do massive damage and heal himself with it. On top of this, his “leap” ability can be useful for when you fight against critters.

The best pets have multiple abilities and different types, and Mr. Grubbs does. He is an amazing pet for leveling purposes, but also wrecks face against most mobs in PvP. His downside is obviously mechanical pets, but there aren’t many mechanical wild pets, and PvP wise you can easily have a elemental pet assist him when needed.

Mr. Grubbs also has the exact same abilities as a pet in EPL, so if you don’t want to grind the pet via killing mobs, you can always try your luck by battling wild pets until you find a rare one.

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